The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation Board of Directors review project goals regularly with HPHA.  Last fiscal-year, the Foundation provided the funds for the purchase of a new Digital X-Ray Unit for the Medical Imaging Department, similar to that in the image below.  This year, the Foundation will continue to support this project, with funding for the renovations and installation of the X-Ray Unit.  The Foundation has also made a commitment to support the installation and renovations needed for a new accessible shower in the In-Patient Unit at the hospital. Alongside these projects, the Foundation will be applying for a grant for additional new equipment for our hospital and the Auxiliary has already transferred funds for a Triple Channel IV Pump, a table and chairs for the In-Patient Lounge and a Laryngoscope.

If you wish to support these projects, please contact the Foundation Office for updates and further details.

In the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the Foundation committed to support several projects and transferred a total of $466,876.66 to the Clinton Public Hospital.  These projects included:

  • Physician Recruitment for two new physicians
  • Two Medical Mart Monitors (Auxiliary Funded)
  • Rehab Trainer (Auxiliary Funded)
  • Trauma Stretcher (Auxiliary Funded)
  • 5 Medline Wheelchairs (Auxiliary Funded)
  • Bariatric Wheelchair (Auxiliary Funded)
  • Digital X-Ray Unit for Medical Imaging
  • Sterilization Equipment for Operating Room
  • Nursing Strategy (Funded by RBC)
  • Sit/Stand Lift (Funded by The Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command)
  • PATH Project

The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation and Clinton Public Hospital Staff are truly grateful for the financial support received from donors, which make the purchase of this equipment and the funding of these projects possible.