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Financial Donations
Donations are graciously accepted from the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation.  Financial donations in any amount make a difference at our hospital and your support is greatly appreciated. You can make your donation today by phone (519-482-3440 ext:6297), by mail, in person or online.

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Memorial Donation
Memorial Donations are a wonderful way to cherish the memory of a deceased loved one or friend.

Planned Giving
Most of us would like to be remembered for making a significant contribution to the life of our community. Whether we have lived here for two years or all of our lives, it is the people around us who have brought joy and purpose to our lives. When planning our estates, it seems fitting to put something back into the community which has nurtured us.
A planned gift to the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation is one way to show your appreciation and contribute to the health and well-being of your family. Planned Giving is the process of making arrangements now to provide a donation in the future. With a little careful thought and sound advice, you can make a gift which will benefit your community and have a positive impact on the tax status of your estate. Planned Giving can provide you with immediate or delayed tax relief, and you can help reduce the amount of income tax paid by you or your estate.

  • Insurance Policy
    You can name the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy and receive income tax receipts for the premiums paid on the policy.  You may also assign paid-up life insurance policies to the Foundation and receive a tax benefit.
    Your insurance advisor or financial advisor will be able to direct you on all the aspects of the use of life insurance policies for charitable giving. The value of a life insurance policy that has been assigned is not considered as part of an estate for valuation purposes and is, therefore, not included for probate or probate taxes, but may be used to offset taxes payable upon death.
  • Will
    The procedure to include the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation in a Will is simple and straight forward. You may include the Foundation as a beneficiary by either amending your present Will by a codicil or by drawing up a new Will. Planning your Will makes certain that your loved ones and causes or institutions you care about will be provided for. Your lawyer or financial advisor can help you structure a Will to meet your wishes.

Monthly or yearly pledges are a great, easy way to ensure that patients in your community receive quality care, with modern medical equipment and facilities.

Tribute Gifts
This is a fantastic way to acknowledge a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new baby, adoption, retirement, or other special occasion. The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation will send a notification of your gift to the individual you are honouring.

Thankful Patient Program
The “Thankful Patient Program” allows patients and their families an opportunity to express their gratitude for the care they have received at Clinton Public Hospital. This is a kind way to express your thanks to physicians, nurses or any member of the health team. Consider donating to the Foundation as your way of saying “Thank you”. When you call to make a donation, be sure to mention you are a “Thankful Patient” and the Foundation will send an acknowledgement to the individual(s) that you wish to personally thank.

Fundraising Events
By attending fundraising events hosted by the Foundation, you are significantly supporting Clinton Public Hospital Foundation. The Gala, Clinton Raceway’s Legends Day and CKNX Healthcare Heroes Radiothon, have all proven to be a great success in raising funds for our Hospital. Please continue to support the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation’s fundraising events by purchasing a ticket, donating a prize or giving to the Foundation.

Sponsor a Community Event
We welcome individuals, community groups, businesses or organizations to align your local community development goals with ours and sponsor a community event in support of the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation. Foundation approval is required before using the CPH Foundation name in the event. We have been the recipient of many community minded contributions through activities such as golf tournaments, community breakfasts and a wedding show.