The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation Board of Directors reviews project goals regularly with HPHA.  Together, we have identified a refresh of the Medical Devices Reprocessing Department and Operating Room as the project to raise funds for throughout the 2020-2021 fiscal year.  In order to achieve compliance with recognized standards, renovations are planned for the OR, as well as for the MDRD.  The purchase of equipment and instrumentation is also required to support various surgical procedures provided at Clinton Public Hospital, including orthopedic, ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat), cataract, urology and endoscopy.  The anticipated cost for this project is nearly $607,000.  While the government provides funding for the operational costs of our hospital (such as staffing), they rarely provide funding for capital expenditures.  Therefore, this project will be entirely funded through private financial support from donations received by the Foundation.

Additional items to be funded through the Foundation this year include:

  • Slit Lamp for Eye Trauma – $17,413.02 ($9,595 funded by RCL Grant)
  • Single IV Pumps – $9,197 from CPH Auxiliary and $250 from Brussels RCL Poppy Fund
  • Bone Mineral Density Unit and Renovations – $112,000
  • Nursing Strategy – $5,000 (Funded by RBC)
  • Negative Air Pressure Machine – $1,130 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • Portable Pressure Monitor – $1,595 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • Ante Room Panel Kit – $10,370 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • iPad & Stand for audits, screening, assessment – $275 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • Protective Screen at Communication Station X2 – $1,600 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • Workstation on Wheels X2 – $10,000 (Funded by CMAF Grant)
  • Vital Signs Tower X5 – $15,000 (Funded by CMAF Grant)

In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Foundation committed to support several projects and transferred a total of $422,334.40 to the Clinton Public Hospital.  These projects included:

  • Renovations to the Digital X-Ray Suite (Donor Funded)
  • Renovations to the Inpatient Accessible Tub & Shower Room (Donor Funded)
  • Table and Chairs for Inpatient Lounge (Auxiliary Funded)
  • Laryngoscope (Auxiliary Funded)
  • CPR Mannequins (Donor Funded)
  • Nursing Strategy (Funded by RBC)
  • PATH Project
  • Physician Recruitment

If you wish to support our current projects, please contact the Foundation Office for updates and further details.  The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation and Clinton Public Hospital Staff are truly grateful for the financial support received from donors, which make the purchase of this equipment and the funding of these projects possible.  Thank you!