The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation Board of Directors reviews project goals regularly with HPHA.  Together, we have identified the following projects to by funded through the Foundation this fiscal year:

  • 2 Cardiac Monitors – $53,750
  • In-patient Beds – $94,947
  • Automatic Dispensing Cabinets – $297,178
  • Bladder Scanner – $16,008
  • Bariatric Stretchers – $13,634
  • Coffee Table Set for In-Patient Lounge – $2,300
  • Recliner Chairs for Palliative Room (update – fully funded)
  • Lift-Recline Chair for In-Patient Lounge (update – fully funded)
  • Television for ED Waiting Room (update – fully funded)
  • Nursing Education (Funded by RBC Nursing Strategy Grant)

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the Foundation committed to support several projects and transferred a total of $1,009,410.12 to the Clinton Public Hospital.  These projects included:

  • Operating Room / Medical Device Reprocessing Dept. Project
  • Bone Mineral Density Unit and Suite Renovations
  • Slit Lamp for Eye Trauma
  • 15 Single IV Pumps
  • 5 Isolation Towers
  • Negative Air Pressure Machine
  • Portable Pressure Monitor
  • Ante Room Panel Kit
  • iPad & Stand for audits, screening, assessment
  • Protective Screens at Communication Stations
  • 2 Workstation on Wheels
  • 5 Vital Signs Towers

If you wish to support our current projects, please contact the Foundation Office for updates and further details.  The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation and Clinton Public Hospital Staff are truly grateful for the financial support received from donors, which make the purchase of this equipment and the funding of these projects possible.  Thank you!