The week of April 7-13 marks National Volunteer Week (NVW), which is a time to celebrate Canada’s volunteers.  Currently Canada has approximately 12.7 million volunteers.  This year’s theme for NVW is “The Volunteer Factor – Lifting Communities”, which celebrates and recognizes the impact that volunteers have and how they lift our communities.  Foundation Coordinator, Darlene McCowan recognizes how important volunteers are to the Clinton Public Hospital.  Volunteers at CPH are an integral part in leading community activities, assisting with patient care, promoting local healthcare initiatives and fundraising for new equipment and infrastructure for the hospital.

“Volunteering can be a very uplifting experience, both from the perspective of the volunteer and from the organization receiving assistance from volunteers.  It is a gift from the heart and brings such joy to so many people in our community”, says McCowan.  “I am truly grateful for all those who volunteer in support of the Clinton Public Hospital.  Today, I would like to take the opportunity to recognize the directors of the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation, for volunteering their time and talents to support the healthcare of our community.  Thank you!”

On Friday, April 12, McCowan presented each of the Directors of the Foundation with a token of her appreciation.  “Volunteers are such an essential part of our hospital and I cannot thank them enough for all that they do.”

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Caudle, Clinton News-Record

Left to Right: Steve Brown (Treasurer and Finance & Investment Chair), Sibyl Tebbutt (Director), Bob Clark (Director), Anne Newington (Director), Jane Muegge (Director), Fred Lobb (Director), Sandra Campbell (Director), Darren Stevenson (Chair), Linda Dunford (Nominating & Bylaw Chair) and Darlene McCowan (Coordinator)

Absent from Photo: Una Roy (CPHF Vice Chair and Fundraising Chair) and Jane Groves (CPHF Director)