Using funds from the Bequest of Mrs. Ina Mae Durst, the Foundation has been able to support the purchase of a Scope Buddy, as well as a new LED Light Source for the Operating Room at our hospital.  We are very grateful to Mrs. Durst for having thought ahead to leave such a wonderful gift in her Will, which will benefit the health and well-being of the members of our community and assist hospital staff in their jobs.

The Scope Buddy’s purpose is to automatically flush out endoscopes.  Using this equipment reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries from manually syringing channels on the scope and provides constant fluid delivery through all endoscope channels.  Having this equipment also allows the hospital staff to provide Best Practices to our patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Planned Giving, please visit our Ways to Give section or feel free to contact the Foundation Office.  If you wish to leave a bequest in your Will, please contact your Lawyer for guidance.  For information on Planned Giving through a Life Insurance Policy, you will want to contact your Financial Planner.

We are truly grateful for your assistance in ensuring that we have the equipment and infrastructure that we need for our hospital!  Thank you for thinking ahead and planning your gift for the future.

Photo (left to right): Mike Fleming (Interim Manage, Clinton Public Hospital), Annette Whigham (MDRD Supervisor) and Ken Roberts (MDRD Tech), with the Scope Buddy.