In the fall of 2018, as a director of the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation, Jane Muegge came forward with a project idea, which would provide in-patients at Clinton Public Hospital with a gift of kindness and warmth.  Jane has been sewing since she learned from her mother and through 4-H projects as a young girl, and with these skills she has developed a love of quilting.  With her passion for this craft and her desire to give back to Clinton Public Hospital, and to those in our community, Jane developed the “Quilted Hug Project”.

The Quilted Hug Project is a work of heart!  The project consists of volunteer quilters creating quilted wraps and donating them to the Foundation, to be distributed to individuals in the in-patient unit at the Clinton Public Hospital.  The Hugs will be crafted from a variety of materials and colours, suitable to various individual needs and preferences.  Each Hug is crafted with love and kindness, with the intention to help keep someone warm and comfortable, while they are in hospital.  When a patient receives a Quilted Hug, it is theirs to keep…a gift from friends of the foundation.

In recent months, Jane has been working with Foundation directors and staff, HPHA staff and community volunteers to develop and implement this project.  Jane has made presentations to local quilters and already has several volunteer quilters on board to assist with the project.  The Foundation has begun receiving some Hugs and distribution of the Quilted Hugs to patients has begun.  Jane will be hosting some Quilting Workshops in April for those who are interested in making Quilted Hugs to be distributed in the hospital.

For further information regarding the Quilted Hug Project or for information on volunteering your sewing services for the project, please contact the Foundation Office.


HPHA Staff showing a variety of Quilted Hugs which were designed and created by Jane Muegge; Left to Right: Susan Garrick, PSW; Laura Brown, CPH Manager; Marilyn Somerville, RN

Jane Muegge, CPH Foundation Director and Quilted Hug Project Chair; modelling one of the Quilted Hugs that she designed and created