Each year, the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation Board of Directors reviews the needs for capital equipment and upgrades to infrastructure at the hospital with the HPHA Management team.  This past year, several projects were identified and the Foundation made the commitment to support the following, through the generosity of our donors:

  • Recliner Chairs for the Palliative Care Room
  • Lift-Recline Chair for the Inpatient Lounge
  • Coffee and End Tables for the Inpatient Lounge
  • Nine Beds for the Inpatient Unit
  • Smart TV for the ER Waiting Room
  • Two Cardiac Monitors
  • Three Automatic Dispensing Cabinets
  • Bladder Scanner
  • Two Bariatric Stretchers

Throughout the 2021-2022 fiscal-year, the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation received charitable donations and grants which allowed the Foundation to fully fund all of these projects, with total transfers to the hospital of $478,707.86 for the year.

The past couple of years have brought about much change in the way we have had to raise funds for our hospital and we are grateful that our community collectively navigated these adjustments, allowing us to continue to support the healthcare needs of our family, friends and neighbours together.  Moving forward, we look forward to the return of some of our traditional fundraising events such as our 2022 Biennial Gala and the rescheduled Legends Day at Clinton Raceway.  It will be wonderful to be able to gather together once again in support of our hospital.

The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation continues to be committed to the advancement of healthcare and well-being of those served by the Clinton Public Hospital through the raising, managing and distribution of funds for equipment and infrastructure to the Clinton Public Hospital.  We are truly blessed to have the support and generosity of our community and surrounding areas, to allow us to keep pace with upgraded equipment and medical advancements.  Thank you!



The Clinton Public Hospital Foundation (CPHF) Board of Directors present Clinton Public Hospital with a cheque for $478,707.86 for the 2021-2022 disbursement for equipment at our hospital.

Front Row: Steve Brown, CPHF Treasurer; Mary Cardinal, Vice President People and Chief Quality Executive, HPHA; Sandra Campbell, CPHF Director; Linda Dunford, CPHF Director; Anne Newington, CPHF Director; Danielle Gibbs, Manager Clinton Public Hospital Inpatient Unit & ED, HPHA; Jane Muegge, CPHF Nominating & Bylaw Chair

Back Row: Marianne Menzies, CPHF Fundraising Chair; Bob Clark, CPHF Board Vice Chair; Darren Stevenson, CPHF Board Chair