Official Tax Receipt 
An official receipt for income tax purposes will be issued promptly for financial donations of $10 or greater, in accordance with all CRA regulations.  Donors making more than one payment in a calendar year can arrange to be issued one receipt annually covering all payments during the year.

Thank you letter
Donations will be acknowledged by letter within 90 days of receipt.

The Board of Directors of the Clinton Public Hospital Foundation recognizes the significance of donations made in support of the hospital. In order to recognize the individual making these donations, several plaques/screens have been erected throughout the hospital on which donor’s names are placed.

  • Mac Cameron Screen
    All monies left in memory of a deceased individual in excess of $500 will
    be recognized by having the name of the deceased on the digital screen in the
    Ambulatory Waiting Room. The donors will also be recognized on the “Legacy
    Wall”, as applicable.
  • Estate Plaque
    Individuals with Estate donations in excess of $5000 to the Clinton Public
    Hospital Foundation shall be recognized on the Estate Screen.
  • Legacy Wall
    All donations to Clinton Public Hospital Foundation will be added to the
    individual’s account and will be recognized by the Foundation. The name
    of the donor will be added to the “Legacy Wall” when the amount
    accumulates to $1000 or more.

    $1,000.00 – $4,999.99
    $5,000.00 – $9,999.99
    $10,000.00 – $14,999.99
    $15,000.00 – $19,999.99
    $20,000.00 – $49,999.99
    $50,000.00 – $99,999.99
    $100,000.00 – $249,999.99
    $250,000.00 – $499,999.99
    $500,000 plus